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Welcome to the Jefferson Study Information Portal (SIP, for short)!

The SIP is a resource for Jefferson investigators, research coordinators, potential research participants, and anyone else interested in human research being conducted at Jefferson. On the SIP, you can search for any research study at Jefferson that is open to enrollment.

To search for a research study, please follow these directions:
  • Type your search criteria in any of the text fields to the left. The more fields you complete, the more specific your search will be.
  • Use the dropdown menus if you wish to limit your search.
  • To limit the search to Phase I, Cancer Prevention or Cancer Control, check the appropriate boxes.
  • Browse by Disease Site, Drug, Principal Investigator (PI) or Study Site. To do this, click on the the magnification icon browse to the right of the field. Select the appropriate item from the pop-up menu.
  • Once you have completed your search criteria, click the Search button, or click the Clear button to clear the fields and start over.
  • Once you have clicked Search, a list of research studies that fit your criteria will appear.
  • Click on the number next to the research study you are interested in. A protocol summary will appear that provides specific information about the study, including the Study Contact. (If none is provided, please contact the Office of Human Research.)
  • To return to the listing of research studies, click Back to Protocol Listing, at the bottom of the Study Summary page.
  • To return to this page, click Back to Search Instructions at the top of the page.

Phase I clinical trials are typically not disease specific and can be searched separately by clicking on the Phase I checkbox. (If you do not select Phase I, trials in any phase that match your other search terms will be retrieved.)

For general information on Jefferson research studies, please call the Division of Clinical Trials Support at 215-503-4743.